Monday, June 16, 2008

The Hunter Institute at Tighes Hill showing a small part of the campus which, as a branch of Technical Education, covered the industrial careers of those into steel and riverts and more.
Newcastle University had its origins there and when it moved to its present site the union building, to the right in photo, was retained by the Tech college, so it was the first tech to enjoy such a facility.
The educational experts are in a debate provoked by a new English Grammar text. One writes: there is absolutely no evidence that knowledge of grammatical terminology ...leads to an improvement in students' written communication...but we are concerned if they can't use those categories of words appropriately. (the Australian 16 June 08)
Where will these cultural wars end! How will we learn proper English?
I just discovered a topic about the use of articles and count and non count nouns and it is suggested there is a continuuem of sorts to consider. One could try and sort it out sometime soon.

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