Friday, April 11, 2008

This property on the rise on the outskirts of Mayfield West has signs of Telstra occupation, prior to that the PMG was there and a long time ago, it was a Migrant Hostel. Anglo-Celts and Europeans came here in large numbers.

Tremendous scope exists in schools to assist all school children to become literate; the experts like to measure literacy rates. I take my hat off to teachers and appreciate their work.

Right in the here and now, some children born in this country and living in an ethnic community (and some other children) may not know an environment rich in English language. This is rather significant when it comes to literacy and some children from non-English speaking backgrounds and others would benefit from mainstream programs adopted without fail that specifically have their interests at heart. There are lots and lots of these kids.

After years of the migration experience, I wonder if teacher trainers have cottoned on and do they promote the broad and the specifics of the art and science of literacy teaching and do they succeed in raising the consciousness of the undergraduates to the specific social factors that surround these school kids and the flow-on effects.
At the same time, bi-lingualism is good, we are told it is associated with positive achievement and above average development of some abilites.
Newer kids who speak next to no English can end up in classrooms that struggle with all sorts of peculiar ideas about language. And the mothers are taught sewing and cooking which is wonderful in promoting communication and even belongingness if little else.

Below, is a collage made by the former Greta Migrants.

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