Monday, March 12, 2007

Morpeth Bridge.

Now, we don't have the Golden Gate nor the Pont Neuf, I must work with what we've got and this bridge is part of our history, on a quiet stretch of the Hunter River at the village of Morpeth.
It rattles, afterall, was constructed in timber in 1898 to replace a barge or ferry crossing and is the oldest remaining example of an overhead braced Allan truss road bridge in service and has had a big repair job by the Roads and Traffic Authority

It can be fun to relax in Morpeth with sun, food and wine (and occasional jazz festival) and gaze out to the verdant fields and crops beyond the river and there are always the usual tourist boutiques to take in.


alice said...

Much more exotic to me than le Pont Neuf!

Mandy said...

nice bridge