Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Coathanger. Bridge Genre

Sydney city draws in visitors like me. Here's QE II with something large looming in the background. Cunard stunts were wowing the crowds several weeks ago. The bridge is celebrating 75 years. Climbers had a terrific view from the top - see tiny dots. (A whole lot of British know-how and the Tee side were initially involved, back in the thirties, they say)
The bridge walk for Aboriginal Reconcilation remains my peak memory from several years ago .


Gerald England said...

Yes of course the bridge is identical in design to but bigger than the one in Newcastle-upon-Tyne [see Chris' post there today].

How far is Newcastle NSW from Sydney?

Pat said...

What an amazing photo showing the massive vessel and the man at the lower right taking a photo of all of it on his cell phone!

That's a wonderful image!

(Thanks for posting on my blog)

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julia said...

Yes, thanks, the other Newcastle was lookin good. We must be about 180 Ks from Sydney by one of our good roads; two and half hours by train - i once commuted daily for several months by train.

Han said...

Huge Bridge, Huge Ship!
Is it Sydney Harbor bridge?(I searched wikipedia. ^^) That's amazing!