Sunday, January 22, 2017

Road Trip

Horses for courses.  This is no action-packed adventure scene.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

 Tractors  used to launch  boats off the beach. The little town had quite a few tractors. 'Blue bottles' had washed up out of the surf. The long string can 'get you' and is rather painful.

At this very time, President Trump is giving his inauguration speech, his wishful thinking. The speech is odd and weak. No policy on climate change.  Will there be a nasty sting in the tail?

Friday, January 20, 2017

 What are the chances of a heritage order put on one or two old beach-side holiday homes?  And there are far more interesting little examples then these. The houses are still found up and down the coast among the McMansions but for how long?  And a typical hotel redid its entrance.  I reckon it is right out of character.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Road Trip

 Read me. The tunnel had an exit after all.  Great progress is made on the M1 build. I seem to recall a section of the highway near the border was once like photo B - quite narrow and winding.
The photo was taken in southern Byron' where it was cramped and had outgrown the roads.  It is in good company, a similar fate has overtaken the hotspots in Bali. Tho in Byron the development is recent and with rules and regulations about every move no doubt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The heatwave is hellish.  Hell fires and an afterlife was a common theme of religions and may no longer hold any sway.
  The funeral, as a rite, has changed and folk interpret death however they think fit sometimes with a nod to spirituality, reminiscing where the wake and the funeral become one.
  The old and the new.  Dignity and melodrama. The difference between concluding a funeral with Frankie and 'I did it my way' or with the antiphon, In paradisium, say with a magical over-the-top setting by Faure...
  May the angels lead you into paradise....lead you to the holy city....May choirs of angels receive you....may you have eternal rest.
  Mysteries abound.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Checking out surf at Lennox Head, which is significant in the surfing world and is a very easterly part of the continent.  Board riders are in the waves. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Near Gresford out of town.

Twenty seconds in a country stream streaming. That's all.

Morning has broken to a light cool breeze, quietness, magpie sounds, faint swish of ceiling fan, toasted Turkish bread plus smashed avocardo and lemon juice and cup of tea - so far so very very good. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017


fifty seconds of cool water....that's all....nothing fake
pebbles as well as sand is not usual



Think cool cool.  Completely uneventful video

artistry of the tree

In the north it's the season for these lovely spreading shade trees. Vivid green and fiery red. Are they exotics? very likely.
Our hot weather is currently over the top.  Have we shifted to another weather zone?  Is this what summer is like far inland? In many other places this is usual. We usually have mild weather.
 When the cool southerly episodes fail to eventuate, when night temperatures stay elevated,  after two or three days the whole house structure warms up and defeats cooling efforts.  We shade and close up the house during the day and open as much as possible after sunset and overnight.
Anyone for tennis?  It must be time for the punishing Australian Open.

Friday, January 13, 2017

food, artistry, trees

Near the hotel, the food from an Indonesian resto offered a beaut change of diet.
On its walls, works were exhibited and one, Spellbound, $250, was evocative of epic mythology.
 Gustav Klimt ... conservation? ... a note from the young artist went like this. 
My name is Agung Putrayasa.  I live in Indonesia, in a small village with my family.  My inspiration came from the work of artist Gustav Klimt and Nature. I am studying art at college and the sales of my paintings help me to continue my art education.  My message through my work is to say to the world the tree is most important for us all and our world.  Please save the tree and forests for our furture generations. Contact .......

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The local drinking hole was inviting.

Obama's presentation is relevant, interesting and intelligent and he is a sound humanitarian.What's more there's irony and humour.  He is far too good for the narrow minded.
From now on, post Obama, I bet the news grabs will be big and boring and bound to rile many of us.