Thursday, December 08, 2016

A showy crop. Are they weeds?

Yes, adolescents must make the 'break' from their parents, learn to be 'street wise' and take some risks. 
All the same, schoolies week is not a good look.
School leavers roll into the Gold coast and elsewhere, and law enforcement takes on some responsibility to steer kids in the right direction.  
Other kids might go to Bali to live it up which is what Bali has to offer. And, believe it or not, Bali is in Indonesia, where tourism and lawlessness co exist with inscrutable policing. Law enforcement is on Indonesian terms which would leave the young or old visitor right out of their depth.  Only a  small minority get into strife and road accidents add to the toll.   
Really,  Schoolies week is an unfortunate tradition.
Alternative end of year schoolie destinations occur..  Believe some groups head to a needy culture to immerse themselves and do good works - all in a week's work. Could be from a church school, where church education largely amounts to raising issues of social justice..

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016

Road Trip

 To do with irrigation.  Pump house. West of town of Hay. The pipe seems big enough for an extra large supply.  

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Road Trip

Orange blossom perfume was lovely and heady from the orchards throughout the  M.I.A. - an irrigated region.
  Nine thousand hectares of citrus grow Valencia Oranges in the main with some Washington Navel and others, as well as grapefruit, lemons and mandarins for export and domestic enjoyment and packed in 51 establishments.

  Now that the backpacker visitors have a new competitive rate of taxation, the growers hope to see plenty of visitors dependent on work on the crops of food or flowers in the great outdoors..

A handout pointed to a trend to high density plantings of citrus with 450 trees per hectare which is double the accepted rate. 
Planting direction is generally dictated by the direction of the slopes under the gravity irrigation system. For maximum interception of light, row direction should be north to south but this is not always possible.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Road Trip, Riverina

Irrigation. Construction of the main canal Griffith c 1919

Next,  near Yanco  
Water storage from two far distant dams provide for the irrigation area via the Murrumbidgee River

Friday, December 02, 2016

'UNESCO' and 'endangered' hovers over the coral reefs of Queensland.  The ocean has warmed up and as a consequence, disastrously, colour has drained out of areas of coral. Cycles of recovery occur but are predicted to be less likely with increased global warming.
  The minister to do with global warming wants to rest on his laurels. Can't we do better than his reasoning that if the coal mines (in Queensland) are not developed than another country such as Indonesia will produce more coal of a type that is more polluting.
 Saving the wonders of the reef and reduction of carbon pollution comes at a cost. There is a price to pay in money and jobs.

 The coral in the photo is a rather old souvenir that was found by chance in Newcastle. It is more colourful than the image and surely it is the natural colour.  Although I have been to the reef area I never saw the coral except for a bit of snorkeling where coral was not a big feature but the island was lovely. 

........................................Roses were splendid growing in the inland towns.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Road Trip

The town of Hay has a large enterprise that tells everything about sheep shearing heritage.  Sheep, wool, knitwear, knitting needles.
 The building offered a perfect opportunity to install solar panels. The garden was colourful.   Not far away were some sheep.  Flood water had spread far and wide.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Road Trip

The town, Hay, on the Bidgee, was formerly Lang's Crossing begun in mid 1800s, on the travelling stock routes or Great north road or The Long Paddock that saw flocks of sheep, cattle, walk hundreds of miles.
  First a punt crossed the river and the river was busy with trade and shipping.
 A timber and iron bridge with a special turntable middle section that swung open was built in 1874. Replaced in 1946 by this offering.  The railway line added to decline in river trade. stock to cross bridge without 24 hrs prior permission....

The travelling stock routes were/are over a lot of the state and seem to be a 'corridor' for stock, near the roads.
 As well as stock and fodder, the strips of land are a special source of biodiversity, where longstanding plants and trees are left standing.
Humans and vehicles have some access.  Take a long hike, camp.

 There is risk that the zones will be sold for state revenues or unlawfully occupied by local stock or for crops and their amenities neglected - it is believed. 


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Road Trip

The Murrumbidgee, from the bridge at Hay, had volume and pace and had spread into the riverside parks late October. To the east, flooding had cleared from sections of the Sturt Hwy.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Road Trip at 7600 ks

   Becoming a 'true blue'. Is that what it takes to enjoy the dry unruly bushland.
Trees reach up then reach down again. It grows on you!   Could it be mallee scrub.

THE highly enjoyable concert last night was life affirming or was it about all that has changed on our home front?   Thanks ABC TV.