Sunday, March 13, 2016

 Novotel / Ancor Hotels are in partnership with the UN Environmental Program and commit to the Billion Tree campaign.

Day of Requiem for this tame environmental-'jihardist' blog.  A self imposed exile. 
 This celebration of dyslexic prose.   Silenced.
Easter, March 2016 is dawning.
Resurrection and our future hope.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yet another Chautauqua. Even through the glass in the window of the train carriage the scene was truly green.  Rice fields grew all the way there and back in Java.
  It must be the case that over centuries of tending the land it has been levelled, divided and devised to succeed in holding a shallow bath of water for the growing of the staple food. 
  The impression is not one of broad acres which would seem fitting to meet the high demand. More often multiple small fields in different stages of growth are seen and well orchestrated and cultivated by one or two expert farmers or a small group.  Corn and other unidentified crops are there also. 

 Amazingly the crops must be harvesting by hand as no mechanisation was apparent except for the rotary hoe seen now and again getting along half submerged. No water buffalo. Fertiliser is made available and was the subject of some scamming according to the press. Plastic pieces were hung to flap in the breeze and act as scarecrows.
  Rice fields have 'fingers' into the small villages
and up onto higher 'shelves' in the hills, every where.
  The island has a fair share of hilly country.  Gardening extended up very steep hills, in valleys and fields and centers of population were a constant feature. 
  Next to the watery fields a farmer's house, in brick, would be seemingly built sat flat on the damp ground.  In all, the housing steadfastly resists change.
  The cooked rice was invariable good. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

 Tradition in woven cane. Unique way with street food.  The whole works carried balanced on the shoulders.
 Chef concentrates on an unknown delicacy but photographer unable to linger on the verge of committing Harri Kari by crossing the street.  Just as well road users exercise give and take.   

Thursday, March 10, 2016

This is a busy treasure trove of local foods and curiosities gift wrapped or vacuumed packed for the visitor, it is supposed.
 Ikan Bandeng Presto is a special recipe that may be sampled from the menu upstairs and was a great dish although the best things to put on the plate with the fish was a bit hit and miss by the uninformed.
 The basis is milkfish which is specially precooked so that all the bones are made edible and the flavour is developed.  Pepes Bandeng and other forms of the fish are also prepared so it says on the 'net. 
 Presto was an unexpected word to see assuming it is the Italian presto and that's fitting. 
 The store is around Lima in Semarang, north coast, central Java.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A familiar Real Estate Agency on the high street near Indomart and the other shops in a 'suburb' of Jakarta. 
Apparently, the 'nobody does it better' franchise is found far and wide overseas, its quality difficult to eclipse. 'Thank you Mr H!
 No way.

 Am I the only tourist who had never sampled Indonesian Pisang Goreng with a twist. Banana fried in batter - fairly normal fare but it is lastly sprinkled with grated cheese, possibly grated processed cheddar!  A sprinkle of sugar or cinnamon, or coklat is added before the cheese and it tastes just fine.
  Cheese is keju according to my dictionary.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Newcastle was a BHP industrial town, nowdays we ponce around after cruise ships. In the photo, by chance, this ship acquired a label and almost brings a Wes Anderson scene to mind overall.
 Trivia.  The company, Broken Hill Proprietary is named after an arid hill in the far west of the state where a town became famous for mineral deposits over hundred years ago.
  BHP merged with a Dutch mining company Billiton. 2001.
 The Indonesian island of Belitung ( or Billiton ) lies in the warm waters of the Java sea and is into tourism but not always. It was mined in early times by the Dutch company Billiton who went on to have global success and a tie up with Shell and other complexities. Then BHP.

Mining has after effects. How is Belitung? The city, Broken Hill, has its share of lead pollution. As it happens, it is currently very short of water. The lengthy Darling River has problems. 
 Not forgetting that Priscilla Queen of the desert paused in Broken Hill.
Anyway, the activity of the domestic market, coastal shipping and the big steel works have largely ceased operations tho Blue Scope Steel has emerged while the Port Kembla steel works possibly falter. 

 Yesterday BHPBilliton shed a lot of jobs in the valley.  Prices have declined for high grade coal.  Coal comes in various grades  - metalurgical, steaming, thermal, coking - and has degrees of pollution.
The record of BHPBilliton is marked by several shameful environmental disasters. 

 Exit night scene.  From walkway and then from above walkway whilst suspended in a soundproof capsule.