Friday, May 01, 2020

Playground is out of bounds.  No crowds of little cycalists or climbers having fun. Very obiedient.
Covid total 6700 nationally.  New cases have low rates. Testing is stepped up almost for all and sundry. CovidSafe App is in use since Sunday and use is growing voluntarily.  
 If there is no secondary flare up we could share medical supplies with others.
  Did the supermarkets want high demand to develope?  It was strange that they had little foresight and failed to begin rationing far earlier than they did and their logistics put to better use. Same with the upswing in postal services.  With shops closed and people wanting items for the lock down more mail orders would naturally follow and swamp postal services.
Would be surprising if we dont go back to how we were and drop various changes. Time will tell.

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