Sunday, August 25, 2019

Art deco again and a more unusual figure. How does the quality rate?
My copies of the book  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Pirsig have gone missing.  Quality is a theme in the mystery writings which use the Chautauqua form strangely related to meetings that once took place in America.
 Incidentally, a Chautauqua Peak is found in the Grampians National Park in Victoria where a spiritual meeting in the bushland in tents is recorded in an early newspaper article found on the net.

 Music of some quality may be heard in the cathedral in Hamilton.  Dr Anne Millard is the director of music who presents a fine range of hymns and songs with top organ or keyboard backing along with a group of  singers. It is a relief to find that the songs of praise will be enjoyable music.
 Church going is to take part in a sacred rite that has been continuous for two thousand years which is a certain something.  Of course, the rite has been embellished and developed over that time.  Not that it is a contest nor that age is any guarantee but the tradition still stands.
 Many aspects of the institutional church are dreadful. Other aspects seem timeless.

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