Wednesday, February 14, 2018

There is the picturesque but drought stricken countryside is the reality in much of our Hunter valley. Severe drought is burdening farmers. Livestock suffer.  Dairy herds and the milk industry is even more vunerable. is one way of donating to help purchase hay and water.

Some thinking is that drought is a common occurance and the cost should be borne by the farmer and just what is the role of the government.
Federal government is out of it, too busy with a man and his muse.   If one could look at Federal Government with an open mind it could be seen the extent to which its role is redundant. That we support a Federal apparatus as big and costly as a city is so taken for granted. In return we have federal interference that complicates and doubles up and confuses services and have media that hang on every word which all shows we have got it out of proportion.

Today is both Valentines day and Ash Wednesday -  chocolates, fish and fasting!........... Remember.. that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return....

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