Friday, January 19, 2018

Over the entire day a train journey on The Ghan was on TV.  The program dwelt for very long periods on almost unchanging landscape from a few points on the train one after the other except aerial footage during the last sections.
 Almost in silence - normal train noise was faint. Discreet informative messages in text made an occasional appearance in a nice form growing in size as the train approached and as in real life it was difficult if not impossible to read them as they 'rushed past'.
There were no obvious concessions to travelogue style even when it is presumed it was showcasing the train which crosses the continent north-south.
The minimalist unending content gave the viewer the impression of actually doing the epic journey, the passengers would have some variety of scene inside the train which takes a day a night and a day to reach its goal.  Some passengers stop off for local adventures.
The train itself is very very long with two locos and most of the journey is on flat terrain plus a few seemingly minor climbs.
It was great to be taken back to the 'red centre' and the unending nature of the country and the endless miles of driving. It is had to say whether the film would succeed in generating more passengers or just the opposite. 
Shown of SBS TV.


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