Thursday, November 12, 2015

Looks like the concrete spheres have been relocated to harbour side.

Baby formula is in short supply. Our supplies have gone overseas.
Regular powered milk is not an inferior product. It is full of nutrition, free of additives, economical and is on the supermarket shelves. It must be the very same product as that of specialized baby formula.
  Regular powered milk was previously used as infant formula by diluting the milk to make it suitable for the newborn and then gradually increasing the strength of the mix. A few vitamins likely added. 
 Evaporated milk is no way inferior and was also used in various strengths, it was recommended at times. None of theses are exactly human milk, unmodified, but one survives on them if that is good enough.
 Just imagine, fresh cows milk was the most readily available product.

 Baby formula has a price tag. It has become a money making commodity that we are dependent on and hooked on.
 Countries in the region increase their demand. Is it far reaching for they were not traditionally consumers of milk. Milk products, often sugary, are seen in their on line supermarket pages.  
 Every baby is subjected to all sorts of additives in the formula and which are taken for granted. Complex data and figures are printed all over the container. Safe, clean and green!!
 It is very advantageous to cover all the nutrition and modify the milk in that manner. Probably. Professional formula is an important benefit.
  As in the past, the right mix is required and use of too little powder to extend the purchase would be a problem when a more economical product could be a wiser move.
 After a short time, feeding progresses to solid food the content of which is under no scrutiny, its do your own thing.
  A teacher said that a lot of primary kids are not sturdy kids and don't stand up in class without lounging or leaning on the furniture. Children are found to have bizarre behaviours and obesity.  As a start we could lift our game about what we feed our tiny kids.  


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