Thursday, October 08, 2015

Crikey.  Australian films are pervaded by old fashioned settings.  More often than not the scene is set in a weatherboard home unchanged since the 1960s and peopled by down to earth characters to match. Cluttered, daggy.
  This time warp must be well liked by viewers yet none aspire to a lifestyle such as that.  Just the opposite. Is it done to gratify nostalgia?
  Genuine characters are the winners while ambitious, slick characters become losers. Again, that strays from the truth about us.
  Never the less, Aussie films are darn good even when they are less than perfect.  Authenticity and simplicity about complexity win hands down.  They say Muriel's Wedding is yet not forgotten - true, it is memorable.
 Holiday makers left us enduring messages.  Many are annual campers in the caravan park.

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