Sunday, July 19, 2015

Australians all let us rejoice... Our flag is flown by some people. During protests for example.
 Is it about patriotism?
 What their flag stands for is that a real Aussie is an Anglo just like them. It is used for division not inclusion.  Anglo, macho, loud mouthed often sums it up.
 Similar to Gran Torino on TV at this time of trouble. A tough insensitive man who changed somewhat towards his neighbours.  In a similar manner, would our so called mateship be extended to all people in any challenge?
 At the same time, true, our society can be confronting.  It is a matter of accepting and liking change and taking efforts to make it work well.
 At the least, every resident submits to the laws of the land without the expectation of giving up their heritage.  It is normal that there are degrees of love of ones country. Wider unity reaching beyond boundaries is a positive aim while keeping diversity.

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