Monday, April 20, 2015

Electricity supply is no longer a simple service for which we pay to cover the costs.  That would be too good to be true. Too good to last.
 Now it is a commodity and a means of making cash.
 Every man and his dog is into electricity.  The country side is full of utes rushing here and there and belonging to power companies. 
Hope it means good service. We are paying for it.

 The above ute is not from that industry. Those dogs are more like farm dogs.
Anyway, its a dogs life, dogs left out in high summer temperatures, more as a commodity, an accessory, they will swear they love their faithful dogs, tough love.
 Believe dogs can only sweat via their tongues. How well do they manage in searing heat of summer confined to a metal ute in order to bark and protect a tradies belongings.
Strangly, animals have a new independent supporter in NSW parliament.

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