Tuesday, April 08, 2014

After the match, Newcastle Knights, blue and red, won 20 nil, last time. This week a loss with the opposite 2/20. The money behind the team sounded in crisis. Mr N Tinkler. But that was last week The white fence is there to discourage pedestrian crowds from wandering across the road and it works in the main.  In one instance, on another busy road, some elderly and others continued to cross when just clear of the fence and I know of one who was hit a glancing blow by a motorist.
Free trade agreements happen.  Gooseberries or Kiwi fruit from France are on sale in Coles.  Is that how Renault cars are claiming a new share of our market? As they have done forever, on and off, on and off.  However, Renault is tied up with Mack trucks, Nissan, Korea and Eastern Europe for a start.    
 The French Peugeot company, which still has original family member shareholders, is shifting production from France and merged with Citroen a long time ago.  China would be a player overall.   

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