Monday, February 10, 2014

This Australian industry could go a long way.  Forget about canning fruit.  Industrious workers are making tents, campers, caravans and motorhomes of all shape, size and price and were on exhibition over the weekend. The above Trooper seems to be a sturdy rig for off road conditions.
It is in our interests to protect the environment to support tourism and caravaning industry.
As our roads become first grade we are instead taking to bush bashing.  What will be preserved in the great outdoors after terrible drought, heatwaves and dangerous bushfires are our lot. Can we afford outdoor past times with this level of consumption?  Who knows?
If one was to pay $200,000 plus for a caravan type vehicle would they really want to take to the great outdoors and battle the elements.  The motel industry misses out business from the self-contained customers in motorhomes etc. One could travel round Australia in a comfortable car at good speed with good fuel economy and stay in Motels, go anywhere free of towing anything, for less than the cost of a hugh caravan.
Just saying. Since the 1960s, Winnebago Motorhomes have been available and made locally. However, it's strange but they had no connection with Winnebago USA. Fittings etc may have been imported and used. Then it was declared that the name Winnebago should not be used here so more recently the name Avida has been adopted by the manufacturers.
On the road again, below, packing up after the show.

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