Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seaside holiday in days gone by. Did the pets go along as well?  Days of fishing and canoeing at Minnamurra - nice sounding name. No sleepy village on the south coast, today it's Bali, Indonesia, at least, for Christmas hols. I must be the only Australian who has never visited Bali which must become wall to wall Aussies who converge over Christmas time. Conforming to resort culture would be one thing but there would be alternatives.  For a complete knockout seen on the 'net are some totally original buildings constructed from bamboo in Ubud.
 As for alternatives there is Mandela's funeral on live tv now, after all there was no one just like him.  Voting in South Africa was a significant landmark I witnessed from afar.      
We always write the date in the correct format! And that makes today 11-12-13.

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