Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road Safety! Stop Look Listen!
Pit stop for the brave and unwary?  Way out of town on the highway, a thoughtful new strategy, probably during the holidays, is that of setting up portaloos plus a wheelie bin in a number of the parking bays. Roadside areas are not necessarily very safe from passing traffic, imagine if one of these were run into!  And do they sway with each passing of a  B Double?


Chris said...

Hi Julia - Off topic, but I was wondering if you could ever do a post on tennis in Newcastle. I'm watching the Australian Open on my new Google TV in Pittsburgh and missing the wonderful Newcastle tennis scene! I used to play in comps at Broadmeadow and National Park, and with my family at Gregson Park.
Keep up the good work, I check in every week day!

julia said...

Thanks Chris. EVERY day? Remarkable and I thought I'm the unusual one! Tennis is a nice pursuit, with special potential as a lifetime interest and i have tennis pics, well, of the fence mostly! Will have another look. Ages ago a move was made off the 'front' courts at Broadmeadow to the back area - who know's why. And fast food is a new neighbour of theirs. Kotara tennis courts are popular.
Hit and giggle is what I played and have set foot on courts in a lot of suburbs but none of your favourites.
Distance and Melbourne mid summer takes dedication. The time difference - well, it's our turn for prime viewing! Enjoy.