Friday, December 02, 2011

Warning.  Macabre subject ahead.
On looking at a birds nest that was blown out of a tree it revealed a little bird tangled up and trapped by its leg where it had perished.
The nest was woven out of scraps of paper, string, threads, a blue hair band and spikey leaves woven around a soft lining that looked like dandelion filaments.

If there is no obsession about keeping the lawn mown it is likely that dandelions will grow to maturity and have bright yellow flowers followed by a seed head in the form of a perfect globe.  The custom is to blow the seeds off and the number of puffs needed to blow all the seeds off will give the hour of the day.  And believe the leaves are edible in salads and dandelion tea is a brew but don't take my word for it, we all know plants can be poisonous.

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