Thursday, September 01, 2011

Giant Barcodes. Lines of Seating at the baths. 
We have multi-tasking and now role of check-out chick is added to our list. A while ago DIY scanning at the supermarket finally reached Newcastle. An assistant is assigned to ease the process and today, the assistant was run off her feet because of multiple little failures in the system and she fumed about technical issues beyond her control.
Don't accidentally bump any sensitive spots on the console because the response is rapid and means another plea for some slight of hand to reset the works.
Scanning rage is recorded and I heard about a beginner who was charged for thumping the machine and went to court but there were no consequences.
With time the task becomes easier but still there are hitches whether it's the scales need zeroing, unnecessary signature is requested, cash transaction failure, debit card use goes ratty but a smooth run is stress free.  Woolworths reliability is better than Coles but there's not much in it and Coles provide more space to work on.

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