Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tea tree plantation grown on low, probably sandy, probably damp coastal fields subjected to clearing. The oil produced from this native plant is antimicrobial and has various medical uses.  Producers could not depend on my support as fortunately I have never found much use for antiseptics and next to no lotions are on our shelves. 

On the other hand, beetroot is an enjoyable minor item on our menu and unlike the days of yore when it was prepared in the kitchen, canned beetroot has taken over and it ranges from very tasty to the tough and ordinary. Red staining slices lie in sweet vinegar.
Just which brand is purchased is an indication of how well the household budget is going along.  Why beetroot is singled out is a bit irrational.  To splurge on Golden Circle brand is gratifying and Golden Circle has been taken over.  Once I heard about grated raw beetroot as a useful addition to the diet for some reason or other but that was shortlived but worth consideration. Fast food chains are not into the beetroot tradition at all.
We are so very blessed to have abundant, albeit fattening, foods.  

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Paul said...

I too like beetroot, here in Yorkshire it is mostly sold in jars. What I know about Oz I have picked up from the various CDP blogs, the Bill Bryson book and recently I have been watching Blue Heelers on Youtube which I am watching daily. I started on Blue Heelers when Sea patrol finished and I do quite like a daily dose of small town Australia.
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