Monday, June 27, 2011

For sale. Broke Village Store.
It's full on - Fuel, Beer on tap, Bottle shop, Post Office, The Willows Cafe Restaurant, Take Aways, Fruit and vegies, Clothing for the motorcyclist, newspapers.
Cigaretts are on sale which, by law, are not on display, are held in a closed cupboard, (shown in the photo) and the packets have health warnings and, I believe, pictures of deadly disease as a consequence of smoking, and soon, brand names will be banned from the packaging.  A company stated they would sue the government about the removal of the brand names and billions of dollars would be involved. Rejoice all lawyers - more business is heading in your direction. They can usually drum up litigation.
Several legal cases have been in the news recently and the cry is that the tax payer (via the government) is footing the bill.  Well, hugh legal costs are a result of the legal profession which always remains blameless. 

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