Friday, May 20, 2011

School playground with a surprise, a Plover sits just metres away from the where the children play.  A second plover prowles around the territory which has been their home base for some years. Their home is marked by a stake and witche's hats.
Voice: noisily vocal (colloquially called 'alarmbird'), strident kekekeke...and single shrieking kek. The camera provoked a response. Habitat: margins of ponds and dams, grasslands of all types including some in built-up areas, occasionally on the shore.  Widespread, from central Australia to the east. 
No attempt was made to photograph while the school children were playing - you never know, one might get arrested for doing that.

A new assembly hall, part of the nation wide economic stimulus, makes a very useful addition to this school and is the first addition for some time.  It is the third design I've seen without conventional window openings and several reasons come to mind, one person said it is done to provide an extra safe area in an emergency. Who knows?  Sounds a bit extreme. 

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