Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Muster Point memorial to the steel industry is created in heavy duty metal work

Just now lemons are plentiful and for a change have inspired some cookery. There's old fashioned Lemon Delicious pudding as well as Lemon Meringue pie where the egg yolks go into the lemon filling, heated while stirring endlessly, and egg whites go into the meringue on top.
Fresh vegies are liked best but frozen are always kept on hand. In Woolworths supermarket a lot of frozen vegies are from China and these products meet with my resistance even while knowing this is unreasonable as it can probably be assumed that quality control is operative. As well, it is very strange to transport vegies all those miles.
Every cent counts in the mega food commodity industry. Basic foods are sidelined when there's bucks to be made in the processed, the ready made, the imported bargains. 
ABC Radio investigated local food and fruit picking and the role of illegal immigrants and backpackers who meet all sorts of problems working on Australian farms.

Steel making, food crops, you name it and it's gone off shore.
De-skilled but not defeated!