Saturday, April 17, 2010

Late Sunday In Canberra. Once the men-in-suits were out of the way, a load of ice on a sloping bank had snowboarders take off, jump onto a pair of picnic tables and back to earth, in full view, no less of Parliament House, High Court and National Gallery!
The National Galley has Masterpieces from the Musee D'Orsay in Paris exhibition drawing to an end with an unprecedented number of visitors. Add to this, ABC radio will go live from the gallery this starry night from 2am for several hours as part of the closing hoo-ha.
To any other gallery under renovation: please loan us your priceless collection. It will be underwritten by the National government.
The Feds will have lots of spare cash if they renege on the health budget. Their rehetoric about funding is absurd, largess does not come into it nor contingency, funding of services is what it takes, is a normal right and is the purpose of revenue.
At the same time, a well thought out revolution to rationalise our health services is required - a task that gives the top layer of government something to justify their existence.

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Bill said...

Looks like fun. About health funding, tell that the Americans, they don't even have free health, because it is a communist plot thought off by the devil. He he.