Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newcastle Ocean Baths were engulfed by waves again yesterday and closed to swimmers and most of the beaches were closed as well.
Another simplistic rant follows.
The PM promotes increased work productivity: work harder and longer! According to the reporters that's what happens already, people work longer hours and are not taking their holidays. The problem is that an ageing population is a burden on the employed sector. There is truth in that.
   More seniors? - bring it on - OMG, surely these seniors won't remain passive forever and will ultimately assert themselves.
   Let me tell you, the older generation have their own ways and that's entirely valid. It's diversity. The thirty-somethings must take another look outside the square, their methods are not sacrosanct, (OMG, they can twitter),  they can be re-educated and accept a range of employees including seniors.
   If seniors are 'good enough' for volunteering and the wonderful spin-offs that go with it then they are 'good enough' for flexible paid employment. For instance, I've had dealings with a Government Department and seem to discover more about the processes there than the new graduate on the other side of the desk.  Sedentary jobs could be left for seniors to do.

On another point, the superannuation guarantee, the nine percent contribution, should have an about turn and fall as the salary rises.
Even high income earners retire and they will have a living wage, no matter what, as well as a lot of disposable income in many instances. Past employers help finance that high standard of living. On the other hand, lower income earners need super just to survive and could be assisted by a bigger share of the guarantee. I guess the economics have been all worked out, it's an economic construct and is about the status quo.
   Despite all the resources of government and its capacities it can't provided social security in old age, yet, somehow, low income earners will be able to do just that.  I acknowledge the problems on both sides. I count my blessings.