Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garside Gardens in King Edward Park are colourful and the design copies the logo of the City Council and celebrates 150 years of Local Government (in floral script). Logo: Great place, Great lifestyle, Great Future.

Below, Happy Buccaneer and 48 hours later, on Tuesday afternoon, the unloading operation looks to be in a similar position as it was yesterday.
Second photo shows a loader already in operation and is the type of thing being extricated and unloaded.


Jacob said...

The Garside Gardens are gorgeous!
What an incredible view! And that unloading operation appears to be difficult and time-consuming.

Interesting photos, for sure!

Chris said...

Great memories, as always. Here's a January 2007 shot of Garside in full bloom

Chris said...

And one more

Chris said...

You're all over the coal loader unloading story Julia!

Watch out, or your photos might be subpoenaed (sp.) for a court case.

julia said...

You were way ahead of me with the latest news. Yes, I should get a life and get over my photo dependency! The garden is really not at its best and I will try and view your photos, if I can raise them on the net, a big task for a blogger mom to do.

julia said...

Yes, that was a painless exercise and my, the flowers are outstanding in your photos.