Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Slit Lamp uses a high density light source to examine the eye (yes) for any disease processes. Check-ups are recommended.
A visit to the optometrist inclues a sight test using the well know Snellens chart with square shaped letters all, by and large, confined to the English language.

Things medical and the media discuss AIDS, its prevention and life with AIDS. It is a complex topic and talk of a ban on condoms is very strange to hear about when the issues are conflated and boast unusual conclusions. Preventative measures and health promotion is a key to the tragedy. Church spokespersons have their say on the topic but the church community always holds a wide range of beliefs, naturally enough, no two people ever think the same although the discernment of prevailing wisdom is a tenet.


Lowell said...

Don't get me started. It's the old problem of science v. religion.

But yes, as much information and assistance about sexual activity and sexually-transmitted diseases, as well as methods of prevention are desperately needed.

julia said...

Yes, but transmission is via body fluids by various means including blood borne, infected cuts etc as well as sexual activity.

julia said...

In the interests of health promotion the following info is from Wikipedia.
In AIDS the virus (HIV) is transmitted through direct contact of the bodies numerous mucous membranes, or the blood stream, with a bodily fluid containing the virus. This includes sex, in all forms, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, pregnancy, birth and breast feeding.