Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Some months ago people waited hours for the doors to open in George street, Sydney, to be the first to get the new Apple iPhone (3G). It is a nice little device compared to my mobile for I am such a dag with a flip model and as well I hardly ever watch Oprah but today caught a show where Oprah and Bono were in a shopping epicentre promoting a new red product line with a special edition red iPod which I think we call nano something.
Those red lines from Bono and consumerism raise money for humanitarian projects. Google reveals that the episode actually occurred in Oct 2006 but, I guess it is all timeless.
In my case the new phone was flourished and run thru its features when I ventured into this 'Apple orchard'. At other times exploration of the shopping centres is not always as easy as that for often one needs a second language, even a third, to do well at discovering more about what's new and interesting in whole centres that all specialise in imports or in attempts to find items that one took for granted. Would'nt we all do well to become bi-lingual?